We are a group of devs, architects, researchers, and designers, who are working on technologies for decentralized decision making.
about us
Open innovation will maximize the realization of global human and intellectual capital.

Our mission is to help realize the full potential of humanity with the help of collective intelligence technologies.
The tech we are creating is based on our core assumption that we can create a completely meritocratic society using a fully transparent, multi-dimensional reputation system, which implements frameworks for crowdsourcing decisions. We believe that introducing this system will lead to much more efficient resource distribution, enabling greater equality.

Alexey Kulik
Alex Shkor
Yahor Tsaryk
Dr.Dimitri Sidorovitch
Chairman, Chief of Innovation, Co-founder
Julia Shinkevich
head of marketing
Anna Yadlovskaya
lead of R&D

Tatyana Bardashevich
Yahor Anikei
Euheny Bondarovich
Yaroslav Mitrofanof
lead front-end engineer
full-stack engineer
lead protocol engineer
project manager
Olga Kozlovskaya
Dana Malayeva
lead communications engineer
marketing HR
off-chain data cluster engineer
Stas Dashchinskiy
Darya Markevich
Vitaliy Shalak
backend team lead
lead operations engineer
Yuri Bokach
SMM manger
Alexandra Serykh
Andrei Palianski
Kirill Donchenko
Alexandra Luzan
executive's consultant
PR manager
product lead
head of PR
growth manager for DeTech
Artemiy Nikitenko
Florian Van Goethem
transformation lead
marketing engineer
front-end engineer
Lena Vlasova
Ann Revyakova
Julia Nekhai
community manager
junior QA engineer
Dmitry Lymarev
Miroslav Milovanović
Julietta Voskanyan
Svyatoslav Ignatsevich
Alena Krasinskiene
video producer
technical writer
lead SMM
executive assistant
Tatyana Bardashevich
Chief Totem Officer
Alex Gorgun
project manager / business analyst
full-stack engineer
tech lead
Uladzislau Vintsarevich
Anastasia Antonava
front-end engineer
Evgene Molodkin
QA engineer
Ekaterina Dubovik
protocol engineer
Pavel Lakushin
marketing engineer
Anastasia Lopareva
front-end engineer
Alexandr Shmidt
English language teacher
Andi Akwa
Nick Havryliak
head of ecosystem growth
recruitment manager
product lead
Nikita Aksyutin
Victoria Shpakava
DevOps Engineer
Yuliya Chikilinova
head of communication
Anastasiya Bogomolova
remote office manager
Dasha Zenko
operations & HR legal associate
Artur Kastsiushka
rust developer
Sarapulov Alex
front-end engineer
Dzmitry Tsaruk

investment manager
Tatyana Narivontchik
content manager
Edgar Chekhovich
10+ years of IT-outsourcing experience
Q3 2017
Emergence of concept: blockchain for scientific research
Q4 2017
Develop concept to reward platform for creating intellectual assets
Q3-4 2018
Shift to traditional industries and intellectual property in general, not just scientific research
Q2 2019
Began development of IP ledger: timestamping of IP assets on a blockchain
Q2 2020
Revalidation of IP ledger and pivot to DEIP: decentralized intellectual property protocol

Q3 2020
Awarded grant from Blockchers 2020 (Horizon 2020) to build a system for grant management
Q3 2020
Began pilot for the European Open Science Cloud
Q2 2021
Raised $2M investment from VCs to create Collective Intelligence Labs
Q3 2021
Constructor release

Polkadot testnet launch

Q4 2020
Awarded grant from Web3 Foundation
Polkadot mainnet launch
Ambitious ideas need ambitious people
Challenging the status quo for a fairer internet is no small task. We need big thinkers.

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