Research & development to advance the transition to Web 3.0
Accelerating development of the next-gen web
Technologies of decentralization are pushing the development of the internet to Web 3.0: a fairer internet where creators can extract more value from their work, without having to surrender the lion's share to centralized publishers.

Collective Intelligence Labs is on a mission to bring about more efficient and equitable resource distribution.
what we do
We have created 50 different inventions for Web 3.0. Our main focus is on services and algorithms which accelerate Web 3.0 adoption.
Research and development
We partner with corporations, universities, and innovators to build meaningful collaborations between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 companies.
Strategic partnerships
We help tech projects build infrastructure for global collective intelligence and solve complex business challenges.
Technology incubation
The first omnichain smart contracts infrastructure.

Collective Intelligence Labs has made creator economy report to documenting how the sphere is changing in a post-pandemic era. Learn what lies ahead for creators with market trends and insights.
DEIP's technology is something that can change the world, specifically in the world of scientific breakthroughs. The future is human and intellectual capital.
Leonid Lozner
DEIP early investor and EPAM Systems co-founder
DEIP raises $2M to boost Web 3.0 adoption for creator economy
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