Web 3.0 Creator Economy Hub
Knowledge, mentoring, and inspiration for the creators of any types, and IP property owners aim to run a Web 3.0 business. We help to transform the creative economy to the economy of creators.
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Who we are?
Web 3.0 Creator Economy Hub is running by DEIP team. The Hub unites creators, Web 3.0 experts and consists of 3 parts:
The no-code/low-code tool by DEIP. It helps creative Web 2.0 businesses become Web 3.0 or tokenize intangible assets in easy way (the non-blockchain people are welcome).
As a Web 3.0 wise guys we have a nice network of Web 3.0 enthusiasts who could become your future partners, investors or customers.
Academy/Acceleration program for developing and monetizing dApps. Among our mentors there are practitioners at blockchain, tokenomics, liquidity, law, marketing, and subject areas (art, music, gaming, etc).
Let's search your place in the decentraworld!
How does it work?
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Why join to the Web 3.0 Creator Economy Hub
We have strong focus on the creative economy and we understand that creators do not have enough knowledge of what Web 3.0, NFT, etc. So we have simplified as much as possible Web 3.0 transformation.
Polkadot, NEAR and other great companies, who has already transferred their businesses from Web 2.0 to a Web 3.0 space, has believed and has partnered with us, as far as universities, investors, and relevant associations.
We have unique tech solution and we believe that we could democratize the Web 3.0 and change the world. So we are interested in new use cases, founder-friendly network and aim to enlarge the industry.
Technology transfer
Asset class: Inventions/Technologies
Asset structure: Tokenized patents and licenses
Authentication: Universities
Modules: F-NFT, DAO, Licensing, Marketplace, Timestamping, Smart-contracts
The technology transfer portal is a free, open-source platform for technology commercialization. Organizations in the tech transfer industry list technologies in an open network, providing others with the chance to license or invest in these technologies.
Citizen science
Asset class: Scientific research
Asset structure: Tokenized scientific research projects
Authentication: Peer review
Modules: DAO, Assessment, Timestamping, Smart contracts
Action is a citizen science incubator which aggregates projects submitted to assess their quality and performance through a customized, peer-to-peer review process.
Asset class: Talent
Asset structure: Tokenized ISA
Authentication: Coding bootcamps
Modules: F-NFT, DAO, Assessment, Marketplace, Smart contracts
Vedai is an investment platform that enables anyone to invest in coding-bootcamp income share agreement (ISA) programs and receive a share of the bootcamp profits in ISA returns.
Сasimir is a modular, open-source framework to build intangible assets in the network. Helps to boost network activity. Can be operate in no-code or low-code mode.
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