Day 9
60 min

3 tasks
1. Value story sharing
2. Notion knowledge check
3. Preparation for HR meeting
Task 1
Describe how you understand the Challenge value in the form below. What chellenges you exactly in your everyday work life? Give us examples.
Challenge story
Task 2
Follow the instruction and complete the tasks on working with Notion
Check on using notion
Task 3
To prepare for the meeting with HR, please, spend couple of inutes and answer the following questions:
    Reflection — preparation for meeting with HR
    1. What was the most usefeul information for you in the onboarding process?

    2. What kind of information is missing and you need something for your further investigation?

    3. What questions are left behind and what you need to ask Tanya in person? All questions are welcome!
    Please, rate the material